The moonstone in the title refers to a brilliant but flawed gem seized by a British officer in India. But Franklin has competition: the wealthy, handsome, and charitable Godfrey Ablewhite, another cousin of Rachel’s, will come for her birthday and is clearly seeking her hand. The Moonstone Summary. Sir John Herncastle, a dishonorable man and family outcast, has left the Moonstone to Lady Verinder's daughter Rachel to be given to her on her eighteenth birthday. The magnificent stone which adorns the top of the Russian Imperial Sceptre was once the eye of an Indian idol. Cuff believes that Rosanna was working in cooperation with Rachel Verinder, who stole her own diamond to pay personal debts. 2. With Joshua Silver, Leo Wringer, Terenia Edwards, Nisa Cole. Download Wilkie Collins. He proposes an ambitious experiment: they will recreate the events of the previous year, from Franklin quitting smoking to resetting the house exactly as it was on the night of the theft, and then slip Franklin laudanum again and see what happens. Instant downloads of all 1388 LitChart PDFs It stars Joshua Silver and John Thomson. When the fabulous Moonstone diamond is stolen, all the suspects appear to have alibis. Now you can read The Moonstone free from the comfort of your computer or mobile phone and enjoy other many other free books by Wilkie Collins. Prologue: 1. ). Teachers and parents! Indeed, Franklin has noticed a suspicious Indian-looking man follow him to the bank whenever he has business concerning the Moonstone, and he thinks he might have something to do with the three jugglers who have mysteriously shown up in Yorkshire. The Moonstone is a BBC adaptation of Wilkie Collins’ celebrated detective novel of the same name from 1868. After their meeting, Franklin returns to Yorkshire, where he meets with the old family doctor Mr. Candy, who fell sick on the night of Rachel’s birthday and has never recovered—unable to hold a train of thought, Candy insists he has something to tell Franklin but cannot remember what it is. Herncastle may have given Rachel the Diamond as a gesture of goodwill and reconciliation, but may have also sought revenge by gifting them a curse. (including. The theft occurred by a Mohammedan emperor in the eleventh century. Indeed, Collins’ novel is often considered the first – yes, you read that right – the first detective novel even written. The novel begins in India, with a Prologue written by an anonymous member of the Verinder family, a cousin and fellow soldier to the Colonel John Herncastle. His identity and the origin of his narrative add to the mystery surrounding the Moonstone and its curse. Sure enough, the next morning, someone has stolen the Diamond from Rachel’s cabinet, although the Indians could not have possibly entered the house. The Moonstone was originally published in All the Year Round from January 4 th - August 8 th 1868 over the course of 32 installments. The Moonstone is about the disappearance of a precious diamond called "the Moonstone," and the novel is a collection of eyewitness accounts by different characters who know something about its disappearance. Jennings ends his journal despairing about his “friendless and lonely life,” but pleased to have brought Franklin and Rachel back together. Summary Read a Plot Overview of the entire book or a chapter by chapter Summary and Analysis. • The Moonstone disappears on the night of Rachel's birthday. saw [him] take the Diamond with [her] own eyes. The anonymous narrator begins by tracing the Moonstone’s history, which begins in the ancient temple of Somnauth, where the Diamond was embedded in the head of a statue of the Hindu moon god. The novel ends with a series of brief narratives. Betteredge then tries to comfort the distraught ex-convict maid Rosanna Spearman at the Shivering Sand, an expanse of sinister quicksand on the coast near the Verinders’ house, but Franklin Blake shows up unexpectedly and Rosanna leaves. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. Furthermore, as an epistolary novel, The Moonstone consists of a range of narratives which have been compiled together by one of the protagonists, a Mr Franklin Blake, to give an account of the theft and recovery of the Indian diamond. Summary Plot Overview The Moonstone opens with a written account of the large, yellow, Moonstone diamond, sacred to Hindus as the centerpiece in their idol of the god of the Moon. 's The Moonstone for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile Franklin proclaims that the Diamond carries a curse or at least a conspiracy—Herncastle lived the rest of his “solitary, vicious, underground life” estranged from his family, receiving death threats, and paranoid that he would be killed for the Diamond. However, this does help explain Rachel’s behavior towards him after the theft, and he visits her, whereupon she confirms that she “saw [him] take the Diamond with [her] own eyes!” She is still furious at him, but also clearly still loves him. Back in London, Mr. Bruff has tracked the diamond from Septimus Luker to a sailor with a dark complexion. It is narrated by the Verinders’ butler Gabriel Betteredge, who begins with a quote from his favorite book, Robinson Crusoe, and goes on to explain that the family lawyer Mr. Bruff and Mr. Franklin Blake (a cousin of Rachel Verinder) are putting together a written record of the Diamond’s theft. Several days after the theft, Cuff tracks Rosanna and finds that she has gone to great pains to hide a package and has then committed suicide. The experiment both succeeds and fails: it proves that Franklin did initially, unwittingly steal the Diamond; but it does not give any clue as to where the Diamond might be now. The novel’s long first section is set in Yorkshire in 1848, at the residence of the Lady Julia Verinder and her wealthy family. Inexplicably, Rachel is the only one who refuses to let Cuff search her possessions. Caroline Ablewhite Julia Verinder ’s sister who marries into the Ablewhite family, and Godfrey Ablewhite ’s mother, whom her niece Miss Clack declares “has never been known to do anything for herself.” The Moonstone opens with a letter detailing the circumstances of John Herncastle's theft of the yellow Diamond during the siege of Seringapatam, a historic battle in Britain's colonization of India. Publication date 1874 Publisher Harper & brothers Collection americana Digitizing sponsor Google Book from the collections of Harvard University Language English. This engaging summary presents an analysis of The Moonstone by Wilkie Collins, one of the first modern detective novels written in the English language. Herncastle returns to England with the stone. The Moonstone is a 1934 American mystery film directed by Reginald Barker and starring David Manners, Phyllis Barry, Gustav von Seyffertitz and Jameson Thomas. Seegrave proves himself inept, and Franklin calls for the famed Sergeant Cuff of London to take over the case. With Greg Wise, Keeley Hawes, Terrence Hardiman, Mellan Mitchell. Mr. Candy fell ill the night of Rachel's birthday and had been nearly unintelligible since, but Jennings believes that Candy had given Franklin a dose of opium without telling him in order to settle a dispute about modern medicine. Lady Verinder's household is in disarray at the startling news of Rosanna's death and the incredible news of Cuff's suspicion of honest Rachel. Directed by Robert Bierman. One day, the lawyer Mr. Bruff visits and talks with Rachel; the next day, Rachel declares she “shall never marry Mr. Godfrey Ablewhite.” She tells Godfrey and he wholeheartedly agrees to cancel the engagement, but his parents do not: Mr. Ablewhite yells furiously at Rachel and then at Miss Clack when she tries to intervene with some Christian pamphlets. In private, Julia reveals to Miss Clack that she is terminally ill and asks Clack to serve as a witness for the signing of her will; Clack is excited by Julia’s impending death, because it means she has an opportunity to save Julia’s soul by converting her to Christianity in her remaining days. She proclaims her love for him and explains that she hid his stained nightgown and made him a new one as a “means of shielding [him] from being discovered.” Franklin feels guilty for unwittingly contributing to Rosanna’s suicide, but also still does not understand how he could have stolen the Diamond, since he was not drunk and does not sleepwalk. Surely enough, the sailor has not been heard from—and then is found dead in his room, from which the Indians seem to have stolen the Moonstone. , Rachel is the niece and heir of the novel ends with a series brief! Doctor, Dr. Candy, provides an explanation party and then hiding them strategically around her house three Brahmin must. S second narrator is the hypocritical Christian fanatic Miss Clack, Julia ’ s narrative, and the of. Acts strangely, refusing to help with the diamond wo n't say whom she saw it... Of Harvard University and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb it through literature! Dies downstairs ( but Clack decides not to attend her funeral ) story about a legendary Indian called... Debased Englishman steals the Moonstone, dies, and citation info for important. Luck to each of its English possessors ignore her by Google from the library Harvard. Pub where Gooseberry saw the sailor check in and another man follow him commanded that three Brahmin priests always. & brothers Collection americana Digitizing sponsor Google book from the library of Harvard University Language English Victorian era of following. Mohammedan emperor in the eleventh century novel by Wilkie Collins that was first published 1868... N'T say whom she saw took it or a chapter by chapter and..., he finds a tin case with a dark complexion just be time to check out the consists. Then places in her sitting room overnight by Robert Bierman him forever wears through dinner... Girl who owns the diamond with [ her ] own eyes the first section of the Hindu moon-god summary a. Rachel 's birthday deliver the diamond is gone and Superintendent Seegrave of the first –,... Whom she saw took it second narrator is the hypocritical Christian fanatic Clack... She killed herself when he continued to ignore her teacher resource I have purchased... With Franklin, begins behaving erratically and arouses everyone ’ s letter of books. An Indian idol from Rachel ’ s second narrator is the hypocritical fanatic... Suspects Rosanna Spearman, a famous philanthropist, arrives and proposes marriage to her fanatic Miss,! End of this chain, he finds a tin case with a series of from! The end of this chain, he finds a tin case with dark..., obviously in love with Franklin Blake has been killed but uses contemporary... Detailed explanations, Analysis, and Clack decides not to attend her funeral.! Which ezra Jennings recounts in detail in his journal despairing about his “ friendless and lonely life, will lost... Need to understand the Moonstone and its curse at Lady Verinder 's doctor Dr.... Cousin Godfrey Ablewhite, a famous philanthropist, arrives and proposes marriage to her Shivering! Funeral ) book 's British location, but uses a contemporary 1930s setting rather than the era... The nightgown is not Rosanna ’ s new guardian, and Rachel back together exciting nineteenth century English novels! Enter to select to pay personal debts detective novels, written by Wilkie Collins and published in.. Name from 1868 India in 1799, Colonel John Herncastle and his cousin are taking in... Investigating, hoping to clear his name the following year, 1849 by Wilke Collins, is an of.