Educational Models Inc. and The Bridges ABA Transformational Program

Today, applied behavior analysis (ABA) for children with autism is more accepted throughout the country. ABA changes children and gives them a chance.

Newmeadow was the first program in New York’s Capital Region to use ABA. Now, Educational Models, working with Newmeadow staff, has been instrumental in the development of two films, A School Program for Autism, Teaching goals in Discrete Trials, a workbook, Goals to Grow the ABA Way and, most recently, Bridges ABA Discrete Trial Software. The films, workbook, and software comprise the essence of Newmeadow’s Bridges ABA program.

Completion of the “software component” represents the culmination of years of organization and effort to present and provide this excellent program to those who know and want the same. Bridges ABA is an unique combination of tools to “pull” children from the grasp of autism.

As autism in large part is identified by the behavior and delayed development of the child, Bridges ABA is transformational and for many erases much of what identifies the disorder in a child. Results at Newmeadow have been demonstrated time and again in individual data and in the dramatic testimonial of many parents. See

Newmeadow each year serves about 60 preschool children with autism among its special needs population. These children participate in Newmeadow’s school within a school, Bridges. Thirty additional nursery children also attend. Children with autism are grouped with the nursery children creating a wonderful blend for social and language development for all.

If you are a teacher working with children affected by autism or the parent or parents of a child with autism, the Bridges ABA program is the answer. Its techniques are as valuable in a school as with individual children. Newmeadow and the Bridges ABA program comprise the prototype for the future of schools for young children with autism. You can visit Newmeadow if you are interested. Please look through the school’s website, Consider incorporating Bridges ABA into a child’s life.

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